A well maintained sign is vital to your company’s brand. When your sign is not looking its best, what message are you sending? Let us safegaurd your image by repairing and maintaining your signage. Our professional maintenance staff can clean the face of your sign, replace bulbs, repair or replace any mechanical parts, retouch paint, upgrade technology, or do whatever it takes to ensure that your sign looks as great as the day it was installed.

Having a well-maintained sign can impact your image, which is critical to the success of your business. A damaged or not lit sign can have a direct impact on image of your business. Mainland Signs understands the importance of having well maintained signs. Mainland Signs has yearly maintenance plans to fit your needs. Regularly planned and streamlined maintenance service ensures saving on time and money for the long term and it provides you with a piece of mind to focus on your core business.

As part of the regular maintenance plan for your sign Mainland sign takes the following steps:

Mainland Signs conducts a detailed multi-point inspection and repairs any minor defects as no charge to you. Mainland Signs thoroughly cleans the sign for proper functioning and as well as shiny look. Regular maintenance ensures a long life for your asset as well as reduces future costs. Mainland Signs provides detailed multi-point inspection which keeps you informed and provides piece of mind that your sign asset is safe and functional. Regular reports are provided with recommendations for additional improvements for you to ensure you most visible asset is functioning and getting you additional business.

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