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How will Mainland Signs help make the perfect sign for me?

Mainland Signs has the resources and tools to create any sign of your choosing. A sales professional is assigned to each customer no matter the size of the project to ensure consistently excellent quality in all of our signs. We ensure the complete design is customer approved to make sure the customer is receiving a sign Mainland Signs is proud of.

How is my price determined?

All signs are different so determining an accurate price quote for a sign involves considering all components in the manufacturing and installation process. Factors that are included when providing a quotation include the type of sign, size, and accessibility.

How soon can I have my sign installed?

Signs can be installed as soon as fabrication is complete. Depending on the complexity of the sign design, the approximate timeline for a complete fabrication and install service is generally three weeks after receiving sign permits.

What is the most common sign Mainland Signs produces?

Mainland Signs is most commonly known for their illuminated channel letter signs.  We fabricate all channel letter signs by hand and our skilled team of artisans can produce nearly any design imaginable.

What type of maintenance will be required for my sign?

Mainland Signs offers a full warranty on all fabricated signs fabricated.  The warranty covers the physical construction as well as the electronic components for a period determined by the installed components.


For existing signs Mainland Signs offers two different maintenance options; maintenance contracts in which Mainland Signs will ensure that your sign is regularly maintained and individual requests for repair for client requested maintenance calls.

How does the payment process work?

Mainland Signs requires a deposit to begin the fabrication and we offer many different payment options including credit card payments.

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